Episode Recap: "Wishful Thinking"

In "Wishful Thinking," Sam wished Dean would open up about his time in hell. And a whole town wished for everything under the sun including a giant teddy bear and the power of invisibility. Me? I wished for another great episode of Supernatural. Which wishes came true?

This one was another one of Ben Edlund's quirky and funny episodes. The giant, suicidal teddy bear that drank and lamented the state of his life was beyond awesome. And in the midst of the laughs, Edlund also managed to break my heart a couple of times too. In "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester," the angel Uriel suggested Sam ask Dean what he remembered about his time in hell. So this week, we saw Sam trying to get Dean to open up. As usual, Dean stayed pretty tight-lipped. Sam started off the hour asking his brother straight out about life in hell, but Dean was way too busy downing shots and chasing them with beer. Later, Dean had a nightmare, an occurrence that provided Sam with the perfect opportunity to inquire once again. And, once again, Dean played the avoidance game. So after the case was put to bed, Dean finally had to give a little and tell his bro the truth. And it was another one of those powerful and emotional Dean revelations. Dean told Sam he does indeed remember everything that happened in the pit. And no, he wasn't going to tell him about it. And even though Sam wanted to help his brother shoulder the pain and everything that came with it, Dean wasn't caring and sharing any time soon.

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