The Vampire Diaries 5.22 Review: “Home”

Longtime fans are no strangers to jaw-dropping season finales on The Vampire Diaries but I think you can all agree that this one is the most memorable so far.  The conflicting emotions alone are enough to torture us until it returns in the fall.  On one hand, I’m still processing the major deaths (which are obviously a big point of contention) but when I really think about them in the context of the last few years of the show, death has lost its shock value.

Deaths earlier in the series used to be permanent.  Vicki, Lexi, Isabel, John, Jenna, and Alaric all died within the first 3 seasons and they all stayed dead.  Sure, the writers would tease us with Vicki, Lexi, and Alaric making appearances every so often since then as ghosts.  That was fine and even exciting at times when we’d see Alaric pop up when we’d least expect him.

In the later seasons, Jeremy and Bonnie cornered the market on dying and coming back to life through whatever loopholes in the show’s rules would best serve the storyline.  In season 4, we mourned right along with a very distraught Elena over her brother’s death.  It certainly seemed permanent when she burned her family’s house down with Jeremy’s body inside it.  By the end of that season, Bonnie and Jeremy were flip-flopping as her efforts to bring him back to life literally killed her.



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