Thoughts on the Family Guy Simpsons Crossover

Family Guy is a funny (albeit sometimes stupid) show. The Simpsons is a fun show, and a legacy when it comes to TV and especially animated TV in prime time. Though it may seem strange to some, these two joining forces, reality is, it is a pretty cool idea. Why? Because up till now, people seemed to be on one side of the fence or the other. It was “are you a Family Guy fan or are you a Simpsons fan? It was like you could not be both. I think, good or bad, this crossover is just trying to show us we can be both.

Though little is known about the show, the rumor is that it will be The Griffins coming to Springfield, though why, we do not know yet. We also know the episode will be an hour long event, melding the two worlds perfectly. So far, we have seen pics of Stewie riding a skateboard with Bart, and Homer and Peter, fighting it out. It all seems pretty typical in terms of what we would expect from either show, but that is not what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about the doors this may open for other TV crossovers. These are two shows that are, for the most part, competition. Doing this shows us they do not view each other as such, and that could set the tone for some other crossovers down the road. Imagine if SNL did a crossover with MAD TV. Wait, that show has been cancelled? Well, that is a terrible example. But I think you get my point.



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