Mad Men 7.06 Review: “The Strategy”

When this season of Mad Men was to be split in two, I really hated the idea. It felt like (and to a degree still does) AMC was trying to recreate the buzz that Breaking Bad had by splitting its final season in two. The thinking goes (I’m speculating, of course) that if Breaking Bad gathered hype, Mad Men can gather hype. While it’s still too soon to tell in totality, that does not appear to be the case. I hope that it does end up that way, because the show deserves the adoration, but still.

But now, as we wind down this half season, I’m starting to appreciate the split more and more. Firstly, we get more episodes of Mad Men then we would have otherwise, and secondly, (and most importantly), this season is building quite a lot of momentum. If next weeks episode is as good as this one (or even a tiny bit worse), being cut off from the rest of the story is going to be a withdrawal nightmare for its viewers. Always leave them coming back, they say.



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