Veep 3.07 Review: “Special Relationship”

This episode tracks the rise and fall of Dan the Campaign Manager.  He started off like an eager puppy, ready to perform tricks for Selina to get her approval.  But the campaign has taken it’s toll on him and he’s seen frequently in this episode of Veep chugging a Red Bull and talking to no one.  

We meet the team in London, where it’s not quite clear why Selina’s presence is needed.  She’s going to be making a deal with the German Chancellor but really her European journey is a giant excuse to wear a big hat.  And props to whoever is on the Veep wardrobe team because that monstrosity is magnificent.  The hat and the poor speech Selina gave were the brain child of her wellness expert and part time lover Ray.  Ray angles to expand his limited role on the campaign to a thought leader and speech writer.  Mike, who normally doesn’t care about his own work output, finally gets upset.  



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