Supernatural 9.23 Review: “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Welcome to Hell, population: The Supernatural Fandom.

This was the best finale in such a loooooooong time. While I really liked the Season Gr8 finale last year, this was on a totally different level. Last year had some really nice character moments between Sam and Dean, but the story-telling didn’t quite add up. But this one did. This one definitely, definitely. did.

Let’s not delay.

The episode opens only a short time after Dean stabbed Gadreel. He’s still a raving lunatic, and Sam and Castiel have to lock him up in the Crowley Chamber for his (and everyone else’s) own safety. Dean is vacillating between lucid and crazed, and it’s hard to tell which side of him is the Real!Dean at this point. Sam and Cas find Gadreel, who had fled the bunker after being gutted by Dean. When Sam and Cas find him, he puts up his hands and begs for his life, telling them that he wont bother them anymore. It was a really incredible line because he sounded like an abused little kid, and it really sold the idea of his redemption for me. After Cas heals him up, (at the cost of a little of his Grace), they head back to the bunker, only to find that Dean has jumped ship with the First Blade.



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