The Middle 5.23-5.24 Review: “Orlando; The Wonderful World of Hecks”

Disney World might be an annual vacation to some lucky families, but to the Hecks (and Sue especially) this was a once in a lifetime dream come true!  That’s why the hour long season finale of The Middle was such a treat to the viewers as well.  It’s almost like a right of passage for an ABC family-oriented sitcom to visit a Disney park.

Family road trips with this gang are always eventful to say the least.  Callbacks to the blue snack bag and even the death napkin were hilarious.  The death napkin conversation in particular was classic Heck family discussion.  Since the last time their parents’ will was brought up, Axl has become an official adult meaning in case Frankie and Mike both die, he would automatically be Sue and Brick’s guardian.  He freaks out his younger siblings by telling them how he’d take order of the family in this hypothetical situation.  It all escalates rather quickly, and the only way to calm Sue down is to allow her some driving time.



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