Hannibal 2.13 Review: “Mizumono”

Forgiveness is such a profound conscious and unconscious state of affairs. You can’t actually choose to do it. It simply happens to you.” Although Bella has not arrived at forgiveness for what Hannibal did to her–took away her chosen path to death–forgiveness happens to Dr. Lecter in “Mizumono,” Hannibal‘s unbelievably good season two finale. Hannibal has given so much to Will: “I let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it.” In spite of that, Will still betrays him. Hannibal knows it the second he catches the scent of Freddie Lounds on Will. And still…Hannibal is supposedly willing to forgive his once best friend: “Fate and circumstance have returned us to this moment when the teacup shatters. I forgive you, Will. Will you forgive me?”




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