Louie Recap: You Cant Even Rape Well


Well, this episode was wildly uncomfortable, taking a rebound situation and turning it into an attempted rape.

What the hell is going on here? Louie is sad Amia and Evanka are gone, their apartment empty except for the couch where he first saw her (where, lets remember, Amia also thought he was trying to assault her when she woke up to him standing over her). Dr. Bigelow has typically caustic advice for Louie, whose name he cant even remember; basically, this is the good part of love, the heartbreak before you forget someone for good. Louie doesnt buy it, and I dont either, but then Pamela sends him a text with a picture of her holding up her middle finger. Next thing you know, hes smiling and theyre having lunch. Even though she now wants nothing to do with him, continuing the yo-yo arc of their relationship, she agrees to babysit for the girls when his sitter cancels. Theyre strangely yoked to each other; he asks, Why are you so mean to me? and she asks in return, Why do you like it?  Read More...



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