MAD MEN Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Waterloo”

It’s not every episode of Mad Men that offers up a musical number, but when it does, you can be assured it’s to undercut the pleasantries and positive future that Don seemed suddenly destined for after this season.  There were few scenes more affecting than the end of “The Strategy,” which featured Pete, Don and Peggy as a makeshift family.  “Waterloo” was also full of makeshift families, from Roger with his grandson Ellery, ex-wife and son-in-law (daughter: in a commune), to the Francises and their guests, to the SC&P crew in the hotel room all watching the moon landing.  There are certain things that foster that sense of connection we’re hungry for, as Peggy puts it.  But then again, sometimes, the best things in life are free.  Hit the jump for why marriage is a racket.



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