Veep Season 3 Review “Crate/New Hampshire”

Well, Veep sure knows how to make an exit, doesn’t? After last season ended with Selina learning she would be free to run for President, it seemed like the show would have a set path towards the series finale, whenever it would come. Instead, “Crate” and “New Hampshire” brought the show its biggest curve yet by actually giving Selina the presidency.

Make no mistake, the election is still coming and she’s going to have to fight to stay there, but Selina is President! This two-parter took the show to a place I honestly never expected it to go. I legitimately kept waiting for Selina to wake up and find ex-husband Andrew in the shower, days before starting her vice presidency. It’s obvious from the issues she had to deal with in her new role that things will be as chaotic as ever next year, but it’s no longer a show about the vice president; will we be watchingPOTUS next season?



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