Veep Season 3 Finale Recap: This Presidency Is Crowning


Did you think wed ever see this day? Selina Meyer: President of the United States.


I wasnt sure if we were headed this way surely the more expected path was to continue the campaign well into next season, keeping Selina as the VP until she either won the presidency for herself or (maybe more likely) fell out of the race only to be stuck on someone elses ticket, forced to return to the very position shed come to hate.

Instead, Selina who it appeared was going to be incapable of winning an election on her own stepped in because POTUS stepped down. Bread crumbs leading us to this outcome, in the guise of reports on FLOTUSs poor mental health, had been liberally sprinkled through the past few episodes. And so Selina is president! The Veep becomes POTUS! In classic Selina fashion, she flubbed her swearing-in because Mike bumped into a lamp and she had to do the oath a second time before it really counted. But she has the presidency now, and all the things that come with the title that she probably had forgotten about: the nuclear codes, the yes men, the ability to piss off Iran and ignite an international incident completely by accident. For as long as weve seen her, Selina has desperately wanted to be president. But does she actually want to govern?  Read More...


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