G.I. Joe, a real American film?

With the graphics extraordinary, but the plot lacking and character development ridiculously bland, I was thoroughly unimpressed by this movie. Not to say I wanted my time back, as in Revenge of the Sith, but surely, it wasn't a movie to see twice.

After the first twenty minutes, in which a futuristic ship terrorizes an entire squadron of American soldiers, another futuristic ship appears, and a dogfight ensues. While on the ground, half the soldiers are killed before any battle even begins. Naturally, a woman with what I can only describe as a "Wind Gun" starts tearing up the field. Surprisingly, two men escape, only to run directly BACK into the battlefield and visit an astoundingly beautiful raven-haired woman. And while all this is happening, there's another woman who seems to like shooting the world's smallest bowcaster. I envisioned this guy:

She gets pinned to the floor, and out of nowhere Snake Eyes cuts down her assaulter. So, none of the good guys die, and all the important bad guys manage to stay alive.

But this is still one gigantic mess. It was excellent as a comic book, a movie, not so much. The debacle between Duke's realization that Rex is still alive, and Anna Lewis's complete lack of knowledge about Rex as well. I enjoyed the graphical quality, but hopefully next time the plot won't be so stale.


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