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Guys help me out

I stopped watching at Little Boats partially because of school and partially because of the uber lameness that is becoming Weeds so the real question in how utterly disappointed will I be if I finish? I love the first few seasons and I'd hate for this to ruin it for me so can ya help me out?


| 16:51 EDT, 21 Sep, 2008
yeah keep watching... it's worth it!i can't wait to see what happens in the next season
| 03:30 EDT, 21 Sep, 2008
Dont get me wrong i love this show,when i critic is for konjan(k) (the creator) to do it better,for me is like the sopranos season 1,2,3 were tha s*** very good,season 4 is not bad but i think is just misundertood same in this case at least for me (sorry my english) p.d=so ninja keep watching tha show
| 21:04 EDT, 20 Sep, 2008
The season finale is worth the watch. You've only got to watch 4 more episodes. They get better towards the end.
| 13:52 EDT, 20 Sep, 2008
its a weird season but i wouldnt say its bad. just different.

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