nooooo!!! this cant be the end!!!...

"sozins comet" was deffinetly my favorite episode(s) EVER!!! i love it!!!! i want there to be more but from what i have read this is the end! it leaves me a little disappionted but very satisfied by the series ☺ i have also heard they will be making some movies about the avatar kinda thing ... does anyone have a little more details on this? if there is one i cant wait!


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May 17, 2016 12:25PM EDT

There is going to be a movie. M Night Shamalan is directing it. He is very excited about the project and has even been quoted as saying it will be the next Star Wars. I don't think he meant to say it was going to be as big as Star Wars, just that he has been searching for a story with enough of a rich back story, history, and philosophy to use to create a diverse world that the audience can become imersed in, like Star Wars did. The Avatar definitely has that. The philosophy of the air bending monks, the history of the first appearance of the comet and the war that follows, and the back story of every character in the series are all well thought out and rich and detailed.
I just hope he can pull it off. I mean, he hasn't directed a movie truly worth watching since The Sixth Sense. Maybe we should hope Speilberg gets involved!

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