Salem Season 1 Review “Departures”

Well, I knew it was coming, but it still kind of sucked. On the latest episode of “Salem,” entitled “Departures,” the jig was up for Cotton and Gloriana, though she at least made it out alive instead of meeting a witchy demise. You couldn’t help but feel for poor Cotton, who didn’t have much of a leg to stand on as a preacher dating a prostitute in the first place, much less insofar as his more strict-minded father, Increase, was concerned. Hey, it could have gone a lot worse, obviously.

Meanwhile, the witches are down another woman, as Madam Mab took herself out before Salem’s selectmen had a chance to. It looked like George was going to join her, but he managed not only to survive a cart wreck, but stabbing himself in the stomach, reaching inside and retrieving the frog, then dragging himself off into the woods as he bled out.



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