Longmire Season 3 Review “Of Children and Travelers”

I’m not typically a big police procedural fan, but I do enjoy it when Longmire follows that script. This week, Vic discovers (somehow) the body of a young Russian girl under a bridge. We see her in the beginning of the episode hitchhiking, and from there you could have predicted she would have been raped and murdered by one of the guys who picked her up. Fortunately, we get a less conventional story – which is maybe why this episode defies my police procedural aversion. The victim, Polina, is an orphan who has been through a lot and was killed for trying to protect her foster sister.

The basic premise of the episode is truly tragic; children who are brought to the US find that their adoptive parents don’t have the patience to overcome the children’s behavioral issues. Their solution is to go into internet chat groups and hand their children to random strangers who are willing to take them in. It’s a strange and shady child trafficking that is heartbreaking to imagine actually exists. To unravel the mystery of what happened to Polina, Walt and Vic pretty much ignore the concept of jurisdiction and head out of state to interrogate the girl’s parents.




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