Orphan Black Recap: Bone (Marrow) Thugs


Theres an old adage about marriage that is rarely unearthed, as most people tend to stick to the classics. According to lore, the couple that murders together, or at least within a few weeks of each other, each of them accidental, as long as the guilt threatens to rip them apart, stays together.


Now that Alison and Donnie have each murked someone and revealed it to the other, they have never been closer. Alison cant wait to jump Donnies bones! Donnie has never been more confident! These killings really brought them together in a way that craft rooms and Sunday golf never would. Dyad might be pretending that he had a heart attack on a jet, but Dr. Leekies body still has to be dealt with, so Alison and Donnie bicker like a couple putting together IKEA furniture while they try to figure out what to do with him. At first they wrap him in plastic and toss him in their garage freezer, but then Alison has the brilliant idea to bury him in the garage! All it takes is a jackhammer and a dream.  Read More...



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