Louie Season 4 Finale Recap: Love Overflow


Oh, so thats whats going on this season Louie has been leaking his fucked-up frustrations about his ability to love on everyone within arms reach.


Let's start with the first of last night's two episodes. Pamela, the alpha-girlfriend with a heart of quick-drying cement, is back to finish out the season. Every single time Louie calls her, you feel like hes lost a bet against himself; no one makes him more uncomfortable, but also makes him laugh, and you can see the confusion of her pulling at his face in every scene. After defending her right to free time (What is it with guys where if you can prove youre not doing anything, you have to blow em?) she agrees to go out with him, which starts the ball rolling towards the end of this strangely spectacular season.  Read More...



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