Salem Season 1 Review “Children Be Afraid”

On the latest episode of “Salem,” it was Increase who shouted the titular warning “Children Be Afraid,” but it was the adults who might want to watch their backs if this episode was any indication. The madness began with Increase setting Emily’s father Henry free, declaring him less a witch than a drunk, which was not an unfair assessment. However, according to Emily, he was also abusive and planned to sell her into prostitution for more drinking money. What a guy!

So, the girls got together with ringleader Mercy, and faster than you can say “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” they took matters into their own hands and then some. Let’s just say that Emily doesn’t have anything to worry about anymore, and, as for Henry, may he rest in pieces. (See what I did there?) But these children (of the corn) weren’t done by a long shot.



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