Longmire Season 3 Review “Miss Cheyenne”

Longmire pushed forward this week in a procedural vein. A well-liked local doctor turns up dead, and Walt struggles to figure out who would have the motive to kill him. Meanwhile, as a favor to Henry, Walt also volunteers to judge the Miss Cheyenne pageant. The nice thing about this episode is that it brought together several interesting aspects of Native American culture and raised some important issues regarding their treatment historically.

Cady initially has the challenging task of getting bail for Henry when he doesn’t have any traditional ties to the community, such as being married and having children. But, at his bail hearing, May Stillwater testifies that Standing Bear is an important member of the community who saved her daughter. His actions make him family. Just based on his relationship with Walt, we know that Henry is an incredibly loyal friend. The only reason he’s been arrested is because he doesn’t want Walt to take the fall for Miller Beck’s murder.




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