Nip Tuck hasn't been this good in a long time

How awesome was tonights episode! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time watching Nip/Tuck. The love triangle between Sean, Christian and Julia is hilarious. I loved how they both tried to sleep with Julia and both got shut down. And how about Matt going back to his addiction...priceless ending! Can't wait for the series finale...I just hope it tops tonights episode...


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Feb 25, 2010 4:40AM EST

Julia is reeeeally starting to look just like her mother! i never noticed it before this episode! it really was an amazing one!

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Feb 27, 2010 5:33AM EST

I've been quite disappointed with the patients lately. I was hoping that they would have a few cool cases before the show finished its run. This episode's patients had an interesting back story at first, but the daughter's reaction to the twist was done in pretty poor taste, I think. Continually spreading this ignorant message just fuels negative opinions of Germans! This poor old man felt so bad about what he had done, as many others did and his own daughter still wanted to punish him pretty severely after she found out. Just because someone did something in the past, doesn't mean that they approved of it even then or that they are still like that. It's no wonder than many people, especially (North) Americans still say nasty things to and about Germans. I'm just sick of hearing the term Nazi being used to even describe modern/post-war Germans. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not trying to say that I approve of any past events or that I am against the pain and suffering of those afflicted (which is often misrepresented to exclude non-jewish sufferers). I just want to say that Nip/Tuck had a good opportunity to do something heartfelt/meaningful and instead they squandered it on ignorant stereotypes. "Oh, if he tattooed them, he MUST have been a Nazi-sympathizing killer!"
Recent episodes could have been done with more patient depth and less bull**** Christian and Sean drama. The show can only have so many "twists" and reappearances. I find it's gotten so tired and boring. I have to coax myself to get all the way through the episodes sometimes. It truly is time for this ship to sail, and I guess I had just hoped that it would regain even the slightest bit of its former glory (although I guess that's why they've brought back Femke Jansen for the last episodes).
Well, we'll see what March 3rd has in store for us current/former Nip/Tuck fans.
Apologies for the heavy comment, but I just wanted to mention it.

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Mar 2, 2010 4:29PM EST

I completely agree with your comment on how they portrayed the old man. The daughter had no right to do such thing. She should remember how her 30 or 40 years was spent on this earth and if her father misrepresented her in anyway. If he said anything positive about his experience that would be a different story, but he only had regret about it and the job he did was just branding and had no part in the actual torture. To me it showed poor taste and this world can not change if we do not learn to forgive and move on. Nip/Tuck has certainly dropped its level of excitement over the years. The first 2 or 3 season were solid and spot on, but then it has slided. I am glad it's coming to an end and I hope they say good bye in top style

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