Awkward Season 4 Review “Snow Job”

Awkward‘s fourth season has been a bit of a puzzle, promising a more grown-up Jenna with grown-up problems to go with her grown-up boyfriend and impending graduation, but the issues she has been facing have still been firmly rooted in high school drama. That’s intentional, of course, deliberately juxtaposing her old teenage life with the life that she might very soon, but it’s been a little frustrating at times.

In many ways we’ve been like Tamara, the comfort and familiarity of the friendship group stripped away right when it was most important, and that doesn’t necessarily make great, watchable television. The moments where this season decided to deal with the issue head-on, mostly through examining the dysfunction of Jenna and Matty’s relationship post-breakup, have been really great but, along with that has come previously great characters cast aside, an uncomfortable frequency of soap opera-esque storylines and a lack of purpose.



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