Fargo (FX) Series Finale 2014 Review “Morton’s Fork”

What did I expect from Fargo‘s finale? I have been asking myself that question all afternoon. The season itself was an absorbing experience. The journey was winding, contemplative, exquisitely dark and captivating, so much so that when it came time for the story– the parable, is probably a better way to describe Fargo –to end, I had no concrete idea of what I wanted. A Lester/Malvo showdown? Molly taking out both men who plagued her? A vague No Country For Old Men style fade to black? All of these thoughts crossed my mind. The thought that never occurred to me was Fargo was playing a long con on us, the viewers. In the end, this story was as much about Gus as it was about Molly, maybe even more so.




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