EFC: Awesome, awesome show... until the fifth season.

((2nd paragraph and below contain SPOILERS))

I really enjoyed this show -- character development, moral dilemma, inner conflict, politics, long-term and short-term plots, suspense and mis-direction, irony... multi-dimensional characters (the bad guys were not all bad, the good guys not all good... (even occasional tastes of romance)... and of course some really interesting technical premises...

And the evolution of the Taelon / Jaridian duality... and the possibility of reconciliation contained such promise... it could have idealistic results... or complex results, w/ subtlety...

.. but instead...

... man, it turned into another excuse to do an action show.

The bad guys became bad -- black and white -- little inner conflict -- and little subtlety left.

Besides, if you have even a hint of Taoist tendencies, you recognize a lost opportunity for pretty complex themes, that anybody can deeply really relate to.

Anybody agree? Other thoughts?

-- Doug


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