Louie 4.11 & 4.12 Review: “In the Woods”

This is not the first time this season we’ve seen Louie use an extended flashback sequence. “Elevator Part 4″ featured young Louie and young Janet deciding to get divorced before the implication of their first impending child. There were, at the time, mixed reactions to the device. While looking at the sequence in isolation, the acting is clearly fantastic and the mimicry of Louis C.K.’s mannerisms and inflections, in particular, are outstanding. How that piece fits into the “Elevator” story as a whole, though, is much more complicated than just being able to praise it on the technical level. Some people were understandably turned off by the disruption it caused in the flow of that episode–and, though I really enjoyed the whole thing, the shift between timelines is rough. “In the Woods” takes that idea and runs with it well beyond sight. The present day story of Louie catching Lily in the act of smoking weed is just there for framing. What “In the Woods” really is is a story about Louie’s adolescence, and how well it works for viewers will depend heavily on their willingness to get sucked into that story and leave the normal Louie behind.




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