Penny Dreadful 1.06 Review: “What Death Can Join Together”

The benefits of last week’s Vanessa-centric episode become clearer in “What Death Can Join Together” when she and Malcolm come off more believable and understandable. Having that backstory gives the two Penny Dreadful leads a kind of weight that makes their individual experiences dealing with Mina’s absence work much better than when it was just implied that the whole ordeal was important. It also makes a scene like Malcolm complimenting Vanessa on her outfit before she goes out with Dorian effective by showing what exactly Timothy Dalton is doing in that moment–acting while acting, but making it feel genuine–and giving Vanessa a moment in which she doesn’t have to be consumed by the weight of her world. Not surprisingly, “What Death Can Join Together,” despite its title referring to an exchange featuring Victor Frankenstein, uses Eva Green’s Vanessa to further effect, finally making her scenes with Dorian more substantial than just a potential romance between two people who don’t really have as much chemistry as the show seems to think they do.



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