Louie 4.09 & 4.10 Review: Elevator Part 6 & Pamela Part 1

With the conclusion of the “Elevator” arc, Louie once again redefines what the half-hour television series format can accomplish at its most ambitious. Many might wonder whether or not the whole experience would have been more effective parceled out over six weeks, rather than FX doubling up on episodes, but “Pamela Part 1″ follows “Elevator Part 6″ rather well. And, personally, I appreciate having somewhat of a breather after a stressful series of episodes, manifested emotionally through Louie’s relationship with Amia and physically through the hurricane taking over New York (and claiming a fictional LeBron James’ life, presumably before his Heat loses in a re-match with the Spurs; take that, Miami!). Overall, “Elevator” has had its high-highs and relatively high-lows, never losing its way too much. For my money, last season’s “Late Show” arc is probably the best hour of television ever, so “Elevator” falls a little short by comparison. But its relentless attention to detail, wonderful bending of reality and appropriately somber conclusion for its characters situates comfortably in the pantheon of Louie greats.




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