Longmire Season 3 Review “In the Pines”

Let’s jump in and talk all things Longmire. This week, Walt and his crew were faced with a bizarre campsite murder that implicated various troubled individuals. This storyline turned out to involve a (rightfully) jealous spouse who kills the man his wife is cheating with. It loosely parallels the storyline of Vic’s suspected infidelities and inappropriate sexual relationships, which comes back into focus when her husband receives a photo of Vic and Walt outside the Arizona motel.

Branch continues on his mission to prove that David Bridges is alive, and he makes a major break through. Branch kills a bunny, bleeds on the carcass, and sets the thing on fire. When Walt confronts him about testing the ashes again, Branch reveals his scheme. This exchange was convoluted and didn’t quite make sense even on a second viewing. It sounds at first like the match for the second round of testing came back positive for Bridges. But, what appears to have happened is that Branch had the bunny ashes tested and they came back positive for his DNA. The conclusion he reaches is that Bridges would only have needed to put some of his DNA on an animal carcass and the DNA test would be positive.




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