'Graceland' Recap: Pistols at Dawn! (Or in the Living Room)

This week's episode of Graceland begins where the last one ended, with Jakes in a destructive jerk spiral. "Tinker Bell" opens with him making a drunk return to Graceland and trying to break into his old room, now occupied by Zelanski. Johnny tries to be a friend, so Jakes head-butts him. So far I'm not really seeing much difference between drunk Jakes and sober Jakes. Everyone wakes up and breaks up the fight, but Mike has to make a late arrival to hide the fact that he spent the night in Paige's room. Mike also somehow ends up with the deciding voice in this situation, so for the moment he lets Zelanski keep his room and dumps Jakes on some uncomfortable-looking chairs. Leadership skills!  Read More..



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