Based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, the movie follows Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy), an accountant who discovers powers he never thought possible and realises that he has a choice to lead a very different kind of life from the one he leads now - where he is broke, unhappy at his job, with his boss, and where his best friend has a blatant affair with his girlfriend while he does nothing about it.

Soon he makes the decision and is recruited into the fraternity of assassins with the help of Fox (Angelina Jolie) - where he is beaten, trained, tortured to become good enough to take down Cross (Thomas Kretschmann). Cross used to be part of the fraternity, but he went rogue and is now taking out members of the fraternity one at a time. Sloan (Morgan Freeman) believes Wesley is the only one capable of defeating Cross.

Not only is the film filled with action, twists and suspense, the directing is amazing as well - contributing largely to the excitement of the movie in my opinion. From high speed car chases to over the top action moves and train collisions, it does not fail to satisfy action movie fans. Definitely a must watch for hardcore action fans, those looking to watch a movie filled with excitement and twists.


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