TV Guide Scans: Heroes SPOILERS!

The TV Guide scan has been placed at the end of this post to ensure that those who don't want to know the spoilers won't see the image.


It includes photos of Mohinder & Maya, future Peter & Claire, together with a short write-up of what can be expected of Season 3. There are also a few interesting and new spoilers shared.

Here's a summary of what was revealed:

1. We all know that future Claire is the one who tries to blow future Peter's head off, but in the article it was also stated that it was to try and stop him from going back in time to commit a murder.

2. Mohinder has been rumored for some time to be getting a power, but it was never clearly stated how. Well, it seems that he obtained the powers after he injected himself with the serum he developed to cure Maya, but doesn't know how to control it - it becomes a Jekyll-and-Hyde thing. Freaky, huh?

3. And of course, the Mohinder and Maya romance. The article suggests it could get "extremely steamy" this fall!

Image courtesy of TV Guide.

Anyway, to read the article yourself and see the photos, click on the image above to enlarge it. Enjoy!


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Aug 19, 2008 1:07PM EDT

Sounds awesome! I'm pretty excited to see Mohinder go hero on us - or villain? I guess we'll find out!

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