New Behind the Scenes video for Season 3, and some spoilers!

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BuddyTV visited the set of Heroes and spent some time with Adrian Pasdar, who gave them a tour of the place.

In the post, the second video provides us with two quick scenes: one of Hiro apparently holding Kensei's sword, and another of Tracy and Nathan holding hands.

Click here to head to the post and watch the video!

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Also, a launch party was held on Sunday and E! Online's Kristin was at the event. She managed to get the interesting tidbits show below:

1. According to Tim Kring, all the new characters fold into existing main character storylines, rather than having their own stories right off the bat. (Can I get a hell yes?)

2. Hiro and Ando are together again, on a quest for the mysterious "Formula" (the significance of which will be explained in episode five). According to Lee, their mission takes them to Bora Bora, Zimbabwe and lovely downtown Bakersfield, Calif.

3. According to Ali Larter, there is "something of a scientific basis" for the explanation of how Niki (who was killed in a fire in the season-two finale) and Tracy Strauss (her current character) appear to be identical.

4. According Malcolm McDowell, it was Linderman who recruited the Speedster to be a minion of evil.

5. It's OK with Adrian Pasdar if you want to call him President Petrelli.

Here is the full article by Kristin, click to read!

Fans might also want to check out this video of Hayden Panettiere talking to the fans from the red carpet. If you can't hear her over the crowd, Hayden said "[The premiere is] the clip show, the first episode and the second episode. And we're doing 25 episodes this season - that about makes up for [the strike-shortened] season two."

Source: Kristin @ E! Online


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