True Blood Recap: The Town That Feared Sundown


Depending on your mental problems, everyone has a different flavor of horror. Is home invasion your horror of choice? What about boogeymen? Psycho-ex stalkers? Abominations of science? Demonic possession? Whatever you choose says a lot about your subconscious fears. Personally, I love broad daylight, nobody-is-safe horror. The kind where even you're doing everything right, certain death looms around every corner. Think Dawn of the Dead or The Mist or Final Destination, or even the psychological daylight of Scream 2's cold open, when Jada Pinkett is murdered in plain sight of a crowded movie theater but nobody helps her. True Blood has embraced nearly every subgenre of horror over the years, but typically it reserves its scares for nighttime, when the monsters come out to, uh, mash. "I Found You" was different, though, since it was the rare True Blood episode that took place entirely in the daylight. And wow:  Read More...


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