Longmire Season 3 Review “Wanted Man”

This week’s episode of Longmire highlights one of the show’s weak spots – random characters with potentially pivotal roles who are challenging to keep track of. We get a lot of this as Walt heads out on his quest to rundown all the lowlifes in a 20-mile radius who could have been involved in his wife’s murder. At the end of the episode, we don’t end up making much progress on discovering who set in motion Martha’s murder, and instead come back to the story of David Ridges.

We start out with Walt deciding whether to help Malachi at his parole hearing. We get a sweet flashback of when Walt first arrested Malachi, before Walt tells the board about Malachi’s attempt to extort his assistance in exchange for helping Henry. I like that Walt stuck by his guns and integrity. It’s important to the core of this character that he doesn’t bend the law too far, and giving into a criminal like Malachi would’ve felt like a complete betrayal.




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