Devious Maids Review: A Shocking End

I was shocked when Opal pulled a gun out on Marisol. Luckily, Ethan walked in just in time to see his mom as crazy as ever. Ethan had revealed to Marisol that Opal pushed Dahlia off the bridge and that she was also hiding something about Nick. 

In the end, Opal ended up killing herself after Ethan said he was leaving and wouldn't be back while Marisol was on the phone and about to turn her in. Seriously, the final minutes were so intense... and I loved every bit of it.

Elsewhere, I was surprised to see Pablo show up on Javier's doorstep. He was there to work with Zoila to help Valentina after she was questioned for the blood found in her car. Of course, Valentina didn't want to turn Ethan in at first, but it appears that she's changed her mind and realizes she doesn't have a choice.

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