Yvonne Injured!

The Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski has been spotted with a huge cast covering most of her hand, her left wrist and some parts of her forearm. Strahovski plays a secret agent deployed to protect Chuck - who has had volumes of government secrets implanted into his head.

Strahovski says that her injury is fine, and that it was just a pulled muscle in her wrist.

When pushed about what action sequence caused the injury, Strahovski smiles and adds, รข€œIt is from reaching into my handbag at an awkward angle." She laughs and then says that isn't a great story, but it is the truth.

In an episode to air later this year, Strahovski's character gets into a battle royal with a nemesis from high school, played by Nicole Richie.

The fight occurs in a girls' locker-room shower.

"Actually, that was really an easy scene to film," Strahovski says. "Nicole has a dance background so her choreography skills were really great."

The actress did get a little help from wardrobe. Her character often has to fight while wearing an evening gown or in high heels. That wardrobe is adjusted - skirts cut, heels shortened - to make it easier to move.

During the first season, Strahovski's undercover job was at a hot dog stand. She changes jobs this year, however her new job has not been revealed yet. Chuck returns this fall, stay tuned!

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