Duck Dynasty 6.03 Review: “Hands on a Woodchipper”

Another week, another gut busting episode of everyone’s favorite sharp dressed men. The Duck Dynasty gang were at the top of their game this week, and good laughs were had by all.

This week, Jep’s daughter (who is 11) has a “date” with a boy from school, and Jep and Jessica decide to chaperone said date to go putt-putt in the cold. Jep, as any father would, shudders at the thought of his daughter dating. And of course, with her being 11, who could blame him? Anyhow, Jep and Jessica play putt putt with the happy 11 year olds, and it turns out that the kid is “kinda nerdy” but he’s just as sweet as candy. He brought her a lily (her name is Lily) and everything, and turns out the kid also loves to hunt! Eventually (after beating him in putt putt), Jep concedes that he’s a nice kid and it’s okay to hang out with Lily. Say it with me! Awwwwwww!



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