Rectify Season 2 Review “Donald the Normal”

Imagine trying to explain Rectify to someone. It could be really fun to try it after an episode like “Donald the Normal”. A wondering meditation of an hour, the episode has so many wonderful moments that would be lost on someone without an extensive history with the show. An episode like this underscores where a lot of cable television series are going in 2014. The good shows take into account all of the moments that have come before it when writing a scene. The series becomes less about solving some problem or discovering a mystery. Shows like Rectify are about the journey. We’re not watching to see if Daniel Holden is innocent or guilty of the crime he was jailed for. Rather, we’re simply watching a moment of time for these people of Paulie, Georgia. The show gives the sense of a shared town history, but also the idea that Paulie will continue on long after we’re finished visiting.



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