The Unblairable Lightness of Being ~ Review

After a shaky start, season three of Gossip Girl seemed to have found its feet after a few short weeks, making the disappointment of this weeks episode "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" all the more harsh, as the story line quickly plummeted to a new low. The fact that the Dorota and Vania's "traditional Polish/Russian wedding", so very conveniently supplied by Chuck, was by far the least ridiculous story is truly indicative to the shocking quality of the ill-thought plot lines of this episode.

To begin with, it is far past the time where Serena needs to get over her father issues and stop her incessant wining and complaining - he clearly wants nothing to do with you, Serena, get over it. Furthermore, the whole "running around with Carter Baisen and lying to everyone about what she is looking for, because she is embarrassed, only ending up getting into a fight with whomever she lied to" is becoming tiresomely old. Not to mention that this plot line involves two of many stories lacking any foresight or effort at all from the writers: the first being Lily's "re-return" to her ex-husband (exactly mirroring the story from an earlier episode of the season - really original), the second being Serena's obvious indifference to her one-time love, Carter (didn't Serena betray her beloved Nate to save Carter from a self-induced fate only a few short weeks ago?).

However, this could all be forgiven by most Gossip Girl fans, as Nate and Serena have both been notoriously flippant characters in the past. Yet, it is the (somehow) even more ridiculous drama of Chuck and Blair that lost me in this episode. Yes Blair, Chuck did betray you - but is it really any more different from her betrayal of Chuck of a previous episode. Admittedly, Chuck's trading of Blair for The Empire Hotel, degrading her enormously, is much worse than Blair's slight, seemingly more trivial, in tricking Chuck to kiss another man. However, it should be pointed out that Blair's goal was merely a juvenile speech for a college dinner, whereas Chuck's whole career and self-belief was on the line. Yet, what was really ridiculous was their break-up and Blair's insistence that she didn't like who she had become with Chuck - clearly the writers' idea of an easy answer to a quick break up . As we all know, Blair has always been, and will always be a bitch. If anything, she was worse before she started dating Chuck because she had more time on her hands to destroy everyone around her. Well now their relationship is over, and seems Chuck will go back to gorging himself on drugs and women like the old days. Most likely the result of this break up will be a revival of their old lust for each other - though apparently for the meantime the writers' have another great plot line. As it seems, Dan Humphrey is the resident expert on relationships - and even more shocking is his friendly and helpful advice for his best friend Blair. As they "casually" hinted in the final moments of this week's episode, it may have very well come to the point where they are so desperate that even Dan and Blair will make a go of it - which will undoubtedly be over in a couple of episodes.

Is it truly the destiny for "Gossip Girl" to have exhausted every possible relationship with their characters? Or can they maintain some sense of originality in their script, rather than sinking to the day-time soapie level?


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