ghost adventures

Please can some one put the live special they had for halloween up!! there is only one link there! part 2/2, as well as some of the other episodes please i would appericated kindly. i dont get that channel on my tv and i love watching the show please and thank you all for you time you all rock who ever takes care of putting up the shows here thanks again.


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Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2009 5:15PM EST

I put the first part back into the episode list. Don't know who deleted it :(
But as I've learned, those links might not be the complete 7 hrs (still didn't take the time to watch the whole stuff, just the first part, which seemed genuine.)
Anywho, take a look at the previous discussion thread and you'll find a link where you can download the whole 7 hrs (also didn't download or watched it, but due to the sheer size of those movie files I'm pretty confident it's the whole stuff in HD ^^ )
"Ghost Adventures Live!"

Furthermore, I added a working link for S02E10 and will be looking for S02E11 as well.
Take care and enjoy!

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