Episode Recap: "Woooo!"

Oh, party girls. Long have they gone without a proper name. Thank god for How I Met Your Mother then. This week, a still jobless and homeless Robin discovers the benefits of single gal pals, while Ted, also in need of a pick-me-up, found himself this-close to designing a building for Barney's company. Did he get the job? Is Robin a full-fledged party animal now? Let's find out!

Still not having made any progress on the job- or home-searching front, Robin's feeling "adrift," FutureTed tells us, and is fighting for some QT with Lily. Marshall's been "cockblocking" all their girl time, forcing Robin's to talk in generic code, but not very well as Marshall decodes them quite capably. Lily's already got plans to go to her coworker Jillian's (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) birthday party and invites Robin.

Barney shows up to deliver some awesome news to Ted. Goliath National Bank is in need of new downtown headquarters and Barney has suggested Ted Mosby, Architect, to design the skyscraper (a dream of Ted's to create one for the NYC skyline) in lieu of avant garde Swedish (or French, according to Barney) group, the Sven Architecture Collective. This being the best news since Stella ditched him and a huge step for his career, Ted's on board with the idea, as is Marshall, because if Ted gets the gig, the three of them can go on "conference calls" together, aka drink beer on the roof and then throw the beer cans at pigeons. "We're basically Mad Men."

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