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Pretty Little Liars

Who do you think A is?

Personally I think Jenna is, but thats just me.


| 17:43 EDT, 02 Apr, 2013
no i think Alison has a twin ....seriusloy there are lots of proof for this possibility!
| 07:33 EDT, 17 Oct, 2011
I just found this out and thought u guys would be interested in knowing this... " 'A' is both Mona and Alison. Mona is the first 'A' but after a struggle between her and Spencer Mona falls off a cliff and dies at a place coincidentally named 'Dead Man's Rock', previously to this Hanna uncovers that Mona is A and Mona runs Hanna down causing memory loss, but when Emily says something to Hanna she realizes Mona is 'A'. After Mona dies 'A' continues to send abusive text this continues for the next four books, in the eighth and final book it is revealed Alison has a twin, named Courtney, through the book Courtney seems to be the perfect answer for each of the girls providing them with comforts that Ali did not but, at the end of the book it is revealed that Courtney and Ali switched places in seventh grade and Alison (the original bitchy one who did not acknowledge the four girls) had to stay in Courtney's mental institute whilst Courtney ruined her life by befriending four losers (Spencer, Aria, Hana and Emily) when Alison (original) comes back she kills Courtney and steals her diary which contains the girls secrets, with this Alison and Mona pair up and blackmail the girls."
| 10:25 EDT, 21 Mar, 2011
i have read the books, and, i know who it is, would you like to know? But i dont know if the show is planning to do different from the book.
| 17:14 EST, 08 Mar, 2011
can it be Alison herself??
| 13:05 EDT, 21 Jul, 2010
oh wait, or MONA ... maybe she's obsessed with taking all the girls down b/c they were like the "it" girls when Ali disappeared (which Mona was dying to be - and now isss ... hmmm motive?) lol
| 13:02 EDT, 21 Jul, 2010
Jenna seems too obvious a choice to me. I think it's going to be someone nobody suspects. Someone you'd never see coming ... I bet it will be the person you LEAST suspect actually ... maybe that maya girl lol idk or the detective hahaha THAT would be intense.

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