holy crap

questions questions questions...this almost make's me not want to go to boot camp. Will Shane ever get it together? Idk mabey. Molly isn't goin to wait for her that long. First love's hurt but come on you get over it and in the end its a its a 1 in 150 chance any first love's get back together. Too many fish in the sea. Shane was just scared for her an didn't want to ruin her like she's done somany time before, relaization is a bitch. I feel sorry jenny but she dug her own grave an I saw that one cummin. She said it herself "nicky is dead to me" weathe or not she was hurting from what Nicky didn't do for her doesn't mean you should ignore her. Denvo deff got what she deserved, I can't wait to see if helena is goin to stay with Dusty or date Cindy instead. This left me on the edge of my seat, can't wait till next season.

P.s. Phillis is a bitch


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Apr 23, 2008 8:08AM EDT

oh you didn't say anything about alice and that fashion designer woman i wonder what's in store for them next season, what will come of tasha, after giving everything up for alice and then all she could do was to think of cheating on her, how sad

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