Is iCarly growing up too fast?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those conservative moms who start bake sales to raise money for petitions against shows with two piece bathing suits. I am only concerned with the direction the show seems to be taking after the iSaved your life episode. It seems like there is a lot of relational decisions being made at such a young age. Maybe i was more focused on school when I was in school but I didn't go around kissing people whenever I felt like it.

Yes, they were only kissing and yes it only happened about eight times but can you honestly say that in real life those would have only been kisses? Teenagers are curious, it is only "natural" but there are somethings that should wait and making out should be one of them. It can lead to so much more and sixteen-year-olds, as grown as they may think they are, are not capable of handling the more that comes afterwards.

Yes, people tell them about safe sex and being prepared but if kids didn't do such things there would be no need. It is not naive to believe that teenagers can keep there hands off of each other. They have done it for thousands of years. Like sand on wood floors, some will slip through the cracks, that doesn't mean that we shove everyone into the crack to make the ground look smooth. Setting standards, talking to kids, expecting better, these are the ways to combat such "natural curiosity". It makes no sense to just give up and promote this "natural curiosity" simply because it is there.

I am not saying that we sweep it under a rug, I am not saying that we make an outrageous petition to get iCarly off the air (let the record show that I love this show even in my age of twenty-one), I am certainly not saying that kissing is evil (even though I try to avoid it whenever possible). I am merely wondering if anyone else felt the same way. I don't frequently do so, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't over reacting by believing that iSaved Your Life was a bit grown for the usual iCarly taste. Not that iDate A Bad Boy was much better...nor was iMust Have Locker 239 (in reference to the exposure of Spencer with the art teacher...quote "Do you want to make purple?"(was I the only one disturbed by that...?)).

Oh kids stocked full of hormones, I feel embarrassed for them. So tell me, do you agree? Or am I seven years ahead of time for crazy protective mom mode?



Default avatar cat
Apr 15, 2010 2:28AM EDT

you are right. I definitely agree. My little sister watches iCarly and I try my best to change channels when the show is inappropriate. Don't forget, iCarly is/was part of Teennick, and I think they should show them at later hours than afterschool because the 'kissing' shown isn't just a peck on the lips, it is more than that.

Default avatar cat
Aug 5, 2011 4:51PM EDT

Damn kissing teens is quite normal... and it starts way before they turn 16. I really hope that if you have children you won't forbid them something like this.

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