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Drop Dead Diva is in the making of being a great summer show for everybody.A little of Legally Blond mixed with 17 again and a drop of Eli Stone.One can not go wrong with this show. I give it 8 out of 10 well done


| 07:23 EDT, 26 Jul, 2009
I like this show realy... you can watch it even when you are bored, and stay a wake! But i realy feel sorry for the fat grumpie lady who realy died because she jumed in her body... What hebben with her spirit/soul/gohst? Is she gonna spook on her ore only renting out her brains? hahhah
| 03:22 EDT, 15 Jul, 2009
I like it. And its a little ugly betty too, but without the braces and glasses. Its a mix of everything :-) I like the lead actress too!
| 03:09 EDT, 15 Jul, 2009
this show is a breath of fresh air! totally amazing im definitely going to keep watching it.
| 14:51 EDT, 14 Jul, 2009
LOVED it!!! Was fun and the lead actress is amazing! I hope this goes someway into breaking stereotypes too...if Grayson does eventually become attracted to Jane.
| 23:13 EDT, 13 Jul, 2009
Wow!! I thought it was really good!!! A great combination between funny, smart, witty and vapid...two big thumbs up!!!
| 13:46 EDT, 13 Jul, 2009
I too enjoyed the pilot! Funny you mention Legally Blond though, because for me the cringe-worthiest scene was that whole boobs up, butt jiggling move...a clear homage to Blond... But I thought it was definitely above average! I will continue to watch for sure.

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