Longmire Season 3 Review “Counting Coup”

On the one hand, this week’s Longmire was good because it moved us in the direction of solving some of the more problematic storylines. On the other hand, the resolution of the biggest storyline – David Ridges – was unsatisfactory. It also looks like Walt and Vic will be getting in bed soon, which I would really rather not see.

The weird cat and mouse between Ridges and Branch took a turn for the ludicrous. Branch is barreling down the road and gets a call from Ridges, who happens to be standing on a bridge watching Branch at just that moment. They have a showdown that is profoundly disappointing. Branch has been after this guy for how long – why can’t he pull the trigger? Because of the feather and other mumbo jumbo? Branch chokes and Ridges dives into the river. What was the point of all that? If Ridge’s plan was to kill Branch next, why didn’t he just do it?




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