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How to find episodes of the bachelorette in Canada???

I have been searching the internet looking for the new bachelorette season 4 and cant find it anywhere.. the only place that has them is ABC and they wont let you watch them if you live in Canada.. which is so annoying since they air the show here... any help would be great!!!


| 10:07 EDT, 29 May, 2012
If that other link doesn't work, go here You may have to sign up but it is free.
| 07:25 EDT, 29 May, 2012
I found a link!!!!!!!!! Try this. It is working for me.
| 20:47 EDT, 26 Jul, 2011
can some one post a link to watch the bachelorette
| 22:12 EDT, 06 Jul, 2010
try this link, its working for me so far... good luck!
| 21:59 EDT, 06 Jul, 2010
That Link works, thanks Nadine! It is one week behind tho.
| 16:26 EDT, 10 Jun, 2010
You should be able to watch it here!!
| 21:05 EDT, 16 Jun, 2009
Just to let you know (and yes, I am from Canada and also wish we could watch usa channels online) the reason we cannot watch abc or most other usa channels is because of intellectual property rights. Most stations only have contractual obligations within their own country and are therefore not allowed to show the shows to viewers outside of that geographical area. That is what proxy's are for!
| 04:03 EDT, 10 Jun, 2009
I too missed the episode for June 9th, due to being without power. And it really annoys me that only those residing in the USA can watch them on line. That holier than thou attitude pisses me off. I tried the and it requested a stupid down load fron Zing or Zang or some such spam riding idiot program, that just invades your computer.GET REAL ABC, YOU THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE WE LIVE IN CANADA WE ARENT WORTHY OF WATCHING IT ON LINE.. OR DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE OUR IGLOOS DONT HAVE INTERNET .... BITE ME
| 19:12 EDT, 09 Jun, 2009
'watchbachelorette' now seems to just open the ABC viewer, which doesn't work in Canada. If someone in Canada has seen the entire episode that way, tho', I obviously missed something so please let me know! Also, aimeedanielle, unfortunately that link no longer works ... :( *grrrr* I missed it yesterday.
| 13:46 EDT, 09 Jun, 2008
City t.v. does play Bachlorette on Mondays. But if you missed an episode and you live in Canada it seem like you are out of luck. City T.v. does not have the same option as abc to watch full length eposides. I think we should all e-mail city t.v. and tell them to start this as it's really frustrating when you missed a show and you can't watch it online unless you are from the states. :-( I missed last weeks and I really wanted to see it and have been searching the net and youtube like crazy and I can not find it.
| 07:39 EDT, 28 May, 2008
did anyone find a place to watch it online in canada?
| 11:11 EDT, 22 May, 2008
it airs tonight! Thursday may 22 on city TV. for me that's channel 7 but just look for city TV and it starts at 9!!!! it comes on every week on city TV, just check the guide.
| 21:03 EDT, 20 May, 2008
where?? I tried to find it there and it didnt show up??
| 16:51 EDT, 20 May, 2008
You can watch the episode starting there.That is part 1, but as it was a 2 hour episode there are many parts.
| 15:43 EDT, 20 May, 2008
I'm also from Canada and would like to watch this online. Anyone know where we might be able to find this?

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