A Dozen Red Twist

Patrick Jane and Agent Lisbon work on solving the murder of a movie producer. Things get perplexing as Jane uncovers, a wife who doesn't care a daughter who is using and his daughter's boyfriend who he can't stand. It's a typical who-done-it with a revelation not to be missed.This episode was not one of my favorites, however it was interesting and had several good moments that delved into Jane's character.

We got to see several sides of Jane's personality without it being blatantly stated for us. This careful revelation to the audience is more effective and personal than having another character say something about Jane to divulge his personality.

This episode deals with happiness and what a persons pursuit of happiness can cost to others, as well as the person seeking it. This makes the viewer ask themselves how real joy can be obtained. Over all the lesson of how self preservation can lead to dissatisfaction, is taught in the episode of twists.


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