(Don't) Save The Cheerleader?

I hope it's not just me anymore, but I hope this season Claire is the one to be kicked out of the show, and after watching the previous episode "Once Upon A Time In Texas", I think I know the best way to get rid of her!

Just hide her in time, sometime far into the future, then Heroes will get interesting again. What's the use of a power when all you do is show it to people? I swear that's all Claire Bennet does nowadays, that or have someone fancy her, or moan about wanting a normal life. Boring!

On a lighter note, last episode showed the writers are really not finished with this yet, I'm excited for next Monday already. Sounds like a Peter Petrelli episode again, which can only mean one thing, more sound power! That, or Nathan-Sylar will discover his power for blowing things up and destory half the carnival!


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Nov 3, 2009 5:47PM EST

Agreed! I felt like 'Once Upon A Time In Texas' was meant to remind us about the 1st season we knew and loved, and while it did some of that, it mostly just reminded me how incredibly lame Claire has become. I'm really hoping they give more focus to the others like they did this episode with Hiro, and maybe actually tell us what's up with Mohinder finally after that last minute cliffhanger for him!

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